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What to do with your boxes after your move

RECYCLE! That’s the first response you’ll hear these days because of all the environment hazard news going viral all across the globe. A very important consideration. You really don’t want to throw away all the boxes you’ve collected because it’s really a headache sometimes to collect these packing boxes, hence, you don’t want to waste all the hard work you’ve put in.

But, the question arises ‘how to recycle?’. To answer that, the following is the simplified guide on how you can recycle some of the different types of boxes after your move.

Recycling card boxes are actually extending their lifecycle in any way possible, this may be in the form of re-use, re-purpose, giveaway or even through a sale. Any of these options are better than just waiting for the trash collectors to curb and take them away.

Reuse for moving

If you have ample space in your house then it is always recommended to keep these boxes intact just in case you have to move again, you won’t at least have to worry about the boxes. Many boxes go bad during the move, keep the intact ones for the next move, and create something magical for children with the substandard ones.

Reuse for storing

There is always some stuff in every house which is lying around and no one cares about it. You can’t throw it because you feel attached or you think it might come in handy in some unforeseen circumstances. These boxes (the ones in excellent condition) can be used to store all the stuff you want. Make sure not to position sharp, pointy stuff in a way that can damage the carton. Tape the box well and keep it in a dry place. Garage usually is the driest place in the house.


This is the most technical yet most amazing thing to do with the used boxes. You can give them to kids they’ll use them in some art, robots, puzzles or cardboard castles. Make sure to use the substandard cartons in this process because they can’t be used in any above cases.

If you don’t want to follow any of these steps for any reason, maybe you don’t have ample space or your kids already have enough toys and puzzles to play with then it is recommended to sell these cartons. You can also give them to your friends or relatives if they want to move or just want them anyway.

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