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Top Tips While When Moving Houses in Northern Suburbs

Moving house is a big deal and can bring mixed emotions causing you to feel excited and also stress. Being organised is the best way to deal with the stress of relocating. You can outsource some of the tasks such as moving to a professional removals service. If you are looking for a reputable company in New South Wales try Northern Suburbs Removals. Here are some of the most important tips to take on board when moving house.

Make a Plan

Don’t just focus on the packing and plan where items will be unpacked too. Do a rough plan of your new home so that you can get an idea for where you would like to have your furniture. If you choose to use a removal company to make the process easier ensure they have a copy of the plan so they can put items in the right rooms. You could use post it notes to ensure things are put in the right rooms.

List Items for Immediate Use

When you move in you don’t want to have to look through several boxes to get to your essential items. Make sure you have towels and bedlinen easily accessible so that beds can be made up straightaway. It’s a good idea to have sleepwear and toiletries included so that the first night goes smoothly. If you have a pet make sure their necessary items are easy to locate. If you are working the next day make sure you have the clothes you need on hand as well as any school uniforms or other basics needed for the next day.

Get Organised

You should prepare for the move weeks before the removalists come to pack up your possessions. Make a start by using up food in your freezer and ensuring the fridge and freezer are empty on the day of the move. Anything left over can be popped into an esky for easy transportation. Moving is a great time for a clear out so make sure you dispose of any flammable liquids such as paint, thinners and cleaning fluids. In preparation for the removalists empty any gas cylinders or the like well in advance. Book in babysitters or pet sitters prior to moving day to make the relocation easier.

Make Arrangements

Ensure you have disconnected the telephone and internet at your old house and make provisions to set it up at the new place. Make a list of everyone you need to change your address with and action it. Mail redirection organised through Australia Post can assist with this. Although a fee is charged not misplacing mail is a valuable service. Do all of your final readings of power meters. Before you leave your old house go through the whole property and do one final check of everywhere. Ensure you have left all keys for the new residents. During the time when moving any accidents happen, they will be covered by Removal insurance Service.

When moving house there are a number of things you need to do to ensure a smooth relocation. Using a Removalist will help ensure all of your things are packed carefully and reach their destination. For an exceptional service contact Northern Suburbs Removalist. You should plan where everything is going as well as making sure your basic items are easily accessible. Get organised before the removal company come in and make all necessary arrangements prior to moving day.

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