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Moving? Don’t Forget Your Local Charity

No move is complete without getting rid of something. When moving, most homeowners go through their items, sorting what to bring and what to leave behind. And, as the old saying goes, one man’s garbage is another man’s treasure. So, rummage through that junk pile and be sure that nothing is being thrown out that can go to charity. It is unlikely that you want to be bringing everything with you, and your local charity can benefit from what you leave behind, including food from the fridge and cupboards.

Why Donate to a Charity

Your local charities will benefit from old items that you don’t want to move into your new home, clothing, food, tools, toys, etc. If it can still be used, then it is suitable for a charity. And, remember, the fewer boxes that you are packing and loading to transport to your new home, the more you’ll save on your relocation.

When you go through your belongings and household items, decide that what you don’t want you will donate to charity- if you are not selling the items, donating the items will be benefiting those who need help- even if it is a loaf or bread that you don’t need to move and a few canned goods. The Food Banks will be grateful.

Clothing is welcomed by local charities and used to help less fortunate families. Your old computer may be too slow for you, but for a child who has yet to get their first computer or the family that lost their computer in a fire, your old computer will be a welcomed gift.

One nice thing about donating your unwanted goods is that helping others does give you a sense of pride and feeling of accomplishment. When you bring the items into your local charity, you get a better understanding of the importance of their work, and the value and appreciation of the items you are donating.

Determining What to Donate

Donating anything that is usable is acceptable. Your unwanted items may be used sports goods that are somewhat worn like that old Frisbee; but how it can still fly through the air as though it was brand new. Maybe your unwanted items are expensive artwork that can be given to a family that needs furnishings after losing their belongings in a fire; or perhaps it can be sold by the local charity for money to help purchase necessary goods for the less fortunate.

When packing your kitchen, think of the food. You might not want to pack, move and unpack the soup that you never got around to eating, bread that is about to go stale or items from your fridge- all of which could fill a hungry stomach.

Outdated electronic devices are other treasures to someone less fortunate. Sturdy furniture that may have print on it from years gone by could make another man’s treasure; outdated clothes and shoes will help to keep someone comfortable and warm. Practical and functional items, even if outdated are great items to donate, so don’t let them end up in the trash.

Bedding is another donatable item- warm blankets, clean linens, towels, etc. will all benefit someone less fortunate; just as kitchen items like utensils you have more than one of and items that are outdated or you no longer use. Toys and baby items will help keep the little ones cared for.

Tools and accessories are also items that will be appreciated by your charities and those that they go to. Your old purse with the ink stain inside, the hammer that you have two or three of, etc. will all benefit someone less fortunate.

Check for the local charities in your area- you may find surpluses, stores like Goodwill, charitable organisations and food banks. The role of the charities is to provide community programs and disaster relief as well as to help those less fortunate providing help to the homeless and rehabilitation programs. .

Donating your items that you won’t be moving to your new home is a help to the charity you donate. Many charities are struggling, and it is with their services that those less fortunate have help. Whether the charity is a small local charity, a food bank, or a large organisation, do not pass up your opportunity to help. If the charity is a registered charity, you will receive a receipt to obtain a tax deduction for your donation.

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