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Making Moves Easy on Children

As parents, when moving, you have the responsibility of getting all the organization done; putting everything together and having the movers get your belongings through the door and to your new place. Moving certainly can take a toll on you, being an adult doesn’t exempt you from feeling the natural stress that comes with moving. However, you can equip yourself with exceptional techniques and organizational means in order to ease the process for you. But what about the children? Depending on their age, they may or may not be aware of what exactly is taking place. However, even though the younger ones may not have full awareness and comprehension of the situation, this doesn’t mean that they don’t feel that something is different. There certainly will be a lot of change taking place around them. They’ll see the boxes; they’ll witness the rushing around, and soon enough they’ll watch you take their crib apart and pack their toys into boxes. Moving can be stressful for children. Being in the middle of all the action and witnessing the change in their parent’s behaviours may cause them to become moody and sad. Luckily there are things that you can do to make them feel secure and not have to carry some of the burdens associated with the move.

Explain things to the older kids. Try to do this a couple of weeks before the move takes place. Sit them down and explain to them what is happening. They are probably worried and concerned that they won’t be able to see their best friends anymore, or that they won’t like their new neighbourhood. Whatever it is, be open with them and have them understand that the move is not about changing their lives, just their location.

Take the older kids along with you to view the home. Keeping the home a stranger to them will only cause them to be cautious and worried. They don’t know if they will like it, they don’t know if their new room will be as good as the old one. Take a day out to have them see what the place is all about, and have them get comfortable with the idea before moving day.

For the younger ones, always have their favourite toys on hand. You will need to keep them entertained. They need a sense of comfort and something familiar when everything is changing around them. Whenever they get fussy, you can reassure them that everything is okay, and give them that comfort that they will be craving by handing them their treasured pieces. In no time, they’ll be distracted and having fun with that special toy, and once again, everything will be okay. Also, avoid packing all their toys in boxes when they are around. Try to leave their room as the last thing you get packed up.

Have a friend or family member watch your little one and keep him or her entertained on the days that you have a lot ahead of you. Whether it has to drive to your new home to meet with the landlord or do some cleaning before everything is moved in, figure out a way that doesn’t require you to take your child along.

Gifts. It may not be Christmas, and it may not be their birthday, but presents are always accepted. By giving them a gift, you would have instilled a level of excitement within them and also hinted at the fact that the move is something to celebrate rather than something to dread. Have them open their gift on the first day in their new home.

Hire a moving company. Companies like Northern Suburb Removalist are professional, they have a great reputation and will aid in making your move as stress free as possible. Not having to move all your belongings by yourself means that you won’t have to drive across town multiple times with your child in the back seat wondering what’s going on. Contact us today for a mover you can trust.

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