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Making the move more fun

Moving is often portrayed as a stiff and exhausting activity that simply can’t be avoided and needs to be handled nonetheless. However, there is also the way of looking at a move as a challenge that can be made much more enjoyable for everyone involved. Even just a few simple tricks can turn your boring and difficult move into a fun activity for you, your family and your movers.

Provide some food

The first easy thing that you can do during the move is provide some food for the hungry movers of yours. As carrying heavy boxes and large pieces of furniture sure isn’t the easiest thing to do, your movers and everybody involved in the move will need to recuperate at some point. By providing nice and tasty snacks, you can help your movers to stay focused and motivated for the next challenges to come. However, you should not only serve up fatty food. Even though fatty food like pizza or chicken wings may be the most liked food for your movers, it will actually hamper the energy and motivation of your workers. A salad is often a better idea as it is lighter and won’t weigh down on the stomach as much. You can find a good compromise by offering sandwiches of different sorts to the people involved in your move. They are easy to eat and taste good even after they get cold.

Keep the kids occupied

Having your kids at the moving site during the move is something that you may want to avoid. If you have kids who are teenagers, the problem is by far not as drastic as if you had little kids who lack focus. However, if your regular babysitter is busy and you can’t find somebody to take care of the kids for the day, there are many little fun activities that you can plan in order to keep them occupied. Don’t get fooled with the enthusiasm that will likely arise after carrying the first box. Soon after the first useful task, small kids in particular, will quickly lose interest and end up standing in the way of all of the movers. Leave out some of their toys instead of neatly packing them into boxes so that your kids can find some things to do while the actual work is going on. Jump ropes and tennis balls alongside their favorite toys are great ways to keep your kid occupied during the move. Of course, offering up a cell phone or another electronic toy may also have the desired effect.

Stay hydrated

Australia’s weather isn’t exactly known for the cool wind that helps keep you cool even if the sun is burning onto your shoulders. This makes it even more important for you and your movers to stay hydrated at all times. It is very easy to get dehydrated without even knowing it when you are busy with your work. At all times, you should have drinks ready for your movers so that in between trips they can drink a glass of water or other sorts of drinks. Even though it may sound tempting to offer a case of beer as the drink of choice for your movers, alcohol definitely isn’t the right beverage for your move. The consumption during warm weather, while performing hard physical work will actually lead to dehydration quicker and cloud the judgment of your movers. Before you know it, you will have accidents happen and your belongings damaged as a result of the consumption of alcohol.

The Northern Suburb Removalist team wishes you an enjoyable and relaxing move.

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