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What to do with your boxes after your move

RECYCLE! That’s the first response you’ll hear these days because of all the environment hazard news going viral all across the globe. A very important consideration. You really don’t want to throw away all the boxes you’ve collected because it’s really a headache sometimes to collect these packing boxes, hence, you don’t want to waste all the hard work you’ve put in.

But, the question arises ‘how to recycle?’. To answer that, the following is the simplified guide on how you can recycle some of the different types of boxes after your move.

Recycling card boxes are actually extending their lifecycle in any way possible, this may be in the form of re-use, re-purpose, giveaway or even through a sale. Any of these options are better than just waiting for the trash collectors to curb and take them away.

Reuse for moving

If you have ample space in your house then it is always recommended to keep these boxes intact just in case you have to move again, you won’t at least have to worry about the boxes. Many boxes go bad during the move, keep the intact ones for the next move, and create something magical for children with the substandard ones.

Reuse for storing

There is always some stuff in every house which is lying around and no one cares about it. You can’t throw it because you feel attached or you think it might come in handy in some unforeseen circumstances. These boxes (the ones in excellent condition) can be used to store all the stuff you want. Make sure not to position sharp, pointy stuff in a way that can damage the carton. Tape the box well and keep it in a dry place. Garage usually is the driest place in the house.


This is the most technical yet most amazing thing to do with the used boxes. You can give them to kids they’ll use them in some art, robots, puzzles or cardboard castles. Make sure to use the substandard cartons in this process because they can’t be used in any above cases.

If you don’t want to follow any of these steps for any reason, maybe you don’t have ample space or your kids already have enough toys and puzzles to play with then it is recommended to sell these cartons. You can also give them to your friends or relatives if they want to move or just want them anyway.

For swift moving of your house and all those bulky cartons, make sure to call Removalist Sydney Northern Suburb at 1300 727 115. Our highly trained team will make sure to carry your stuff with care and without causing any damage. They can further guide you about the usages of boxes in detail.

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What should you Consider when Moving Expensive or Fragile Items

Moving from one house to another can be very stressful. With so much planning and organizing to do, many people end up leaving their packing to the last minute. Delaying your packing to the last day is only going to cause you more stress – both before and after your move. You will forget what is where in the end.

It is advisable you take extra care when packaging up your belongings if you own a lot of expensive items, such as glassware, decor items, paintings, or antiques. You need to make sure you have the right packing materials before you do anything. Get far more strong packing boxes than you think you will need, as most probably you will end up using them all. Always support the bottom of each box with packing tape and separate all items with bubble wrap or scrunched newspaper to prevent scratches. Another good way to prevent breakages is wrapping your fragile items in towels and bed linen.

Consider wrapping up the item in bubble wrap if the item is breakable and place it in a box, padding it out with more bubble wrap or newspaper. It is worth noting that it is not just glassware and ceramic objects that can break. Even items made from plastic, tin, and wood can be damaged during the move if not packaged up correctly.

It is wise to stuff the inside of a hollow item with scrunched up newspaper or bubble wrap to prevent your item from being crushed from the outside in. Then put it in a box and tightly fill it with Styrofoam peanuts or crumpled paper for added protection. Pad the outside of the box with packing tape for more protection.

You should always use special boxes when packing up large paintings or mirrors. Special boxes are large, flat and adjustable. Use corner protectors on your mirrors and paintings to help cushion them inside the boxes and prevent them from damaging anything else too.

Let your Residential Removalists know on the moving day which boxes contain the fragile or glass objects. To avoid any confusion also never forget to label each box with the words “fragile” and “this way up”.

Moving house is an exhausting job which is why using a professional company, such as Northern Suburbs Removalists, will help relieve that pressure. We are based in the Suburbs of Northern Beaches and are experts in residential and commercial removals and transportation. Our experienced residential removalists understand how important it is to get your valuables from one location to another. We guarantee damage-free relocation, so all your belongings reach the new house in one piece.

Call us now to book our Removalists at 1300 727 115. Feel free to email us for any further queries, Please visit to our Video channel to view our Customer Reviews Videos.

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What Removalists do in Northern Suburbs, Sydney

Moving houses can be overwhelming when you realise how much there is to do with Removalists in Sydney or Northern Suburbs. It may not seem like you have a lot of things but when you start to pack them up you realise there is more than you thought. Many people will pack and move Furniture themselves, however the stress and hassle isn’t worth it. Using a service such as Northern Suburbs Removalist will ensure everything is taken care of. Here’s what professional Removalists do in Sydney.

Save you time

Time flies when you buy a house because there is so much to organise. Packing and unloading is time consuming and with so many other things to think about you can easily run out of time. Outsourcing to a professional Removalist in Northern Suburbs will save you a significant amount of time by providing a convenient service. When it comes to moving day they will take care of everything. From taking particular care packing away fragile items to putting in the hard work moving heavy items a removals company has it covered. This is one thing you can cross off your to do list leaving you more time to focus on everything else.

Removalists have the equipment to Move your Furniture

Not only are professional Removalists well experienced, they also have the equipment to make moving an efficient process. They have all of the packing supplies you will need as well as a truck that will fit everything in. They have tools and other equipment to get the job done as carefully yet quickly as possible. Generally you won’t have everything you need to make the move go as smoothly as possible whereas Removalists do this day in and day out and can get it done. They are used to transporting items in a truck whereas this may add to your stress if you’re not used to driving a large vehicle. Getting it all packed onto the truck is a mammoth task and they are experienced in fitting everything on there properly to maximise the space as well as preventing breakages.

Removalists values Safety while Moving

Professional Removalists may look like they simply move items from A to B. However, they have been trained in moving them safely and efficiently. They spare you the injuries and pick things up correctly to protect their backs and joints. If you get stuck in you could take weeks to recover with incorrect lifting techniques. It’s not ideal on moving day so professional Removalists can make the whole process safer for everyone. If you find an experienced removals company you can rest assured that they do this all the time and will use techniques so that your things are moved safely and efficiently.

When the time comes to move house you should always factor a professional Removalist into the budget. They save you a lot of time and hassle. They should have all the right equipment to protect your belongings and get the job done. Professional removals companies follow procedures for lifting to prevent any injuries occurring. Northern Suburbs Removalist is renowned for performing a professional removals service and provides a range of packages to help with your relocation.

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Top Tips While When Moving Houses in Northern Suburbs

Moving house is a big deal and can bring mixed emotions causing you to feel excited and also stress. Being organised is the best way to deal with the stress of relocating. You can outsource some of the tasks such as moving to a professional removals service. If you are looking for a reputable company in New South Wales try Northern Suburbs Removals. Here are some of the most important tips to take on board when moving house.

Make a Plan

Don’t just focus on the packing and plan where items will be unpacked too. Do a rough plan of your new home so that you can get an idea for where you would like to have your furniture. If you choose to use a removal company to make the process easier ensure they have a copy of the plan so they can put items in the right rooms. You could use post it notes to ensure things are put in the right rooms.

List Items for Immediate Use

When you move in you don’t want to have to look through several boxes to get to your essential items. Make sure you have towels and bedlinen easily accessible so that beds can be made up straightaway. It’s a good idea to have sleepwear and toiletries included so that the first night goes smoothly. If you have a pet make sure their necessary items are easy to locate. If you are working the next day make sure you have the clothes you need on hand as well as any school uniforms or other basics needed for the next day.

Get Organised

You should prepare for the move weeks before the removalists come to pack up your possessions. Make a start by using up food in your freezer and ensuring the fridge and freezer are empty on the day of the move. Anything left over can be popped into an esky for easy transportation. Moving is a great time for a clear out so make sure you dispose of any flammable liquids such as paint, thinners and cleaning fluids. In preparation for the removalists empty any gas cylinders or the like well in advance. Book in babysitters or pet sitters prior to moving day to make the relocation easier.

Make Arrangements

Ensure you have disconnected the telephone and internet at your old house and make provisions to set it up at the new place. Make a list of everyone you need to change your address with and action it. Mail redirection organised through Australia Post can assist with this. Although a fee is charged not misplacing mail is a valuable service. Do all of your final readings of power meters. Before you leave your old house go through the whole property and do one final check of everywhere. Ensure you have left all keys for the new residents. During the time when moving any accidents happen, they will be covered by Removal insurance Service.

When moving house there are a number of things you need to do to ensure a smooth relocation. Using a Removalist will help ensure all of your things are packed carefully and reach their destination. For an exceptional service contact Northern Suburbs Removalist. You should plan where everything is going as well as making sure your basic items are easily accessible. Get organised before the removal company come in and make all necessary arrangements prior to moving day.

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On the Day of the Move

On the day of the move, the excitement will start to settle in and perhaps you’ll even feel a bit of anxieties thinking about leaving your old home behind. The memories you have made in that house will have now taken precedence in a few boxes that are waiting patiently for your Northern Suburb Removalist to pick them up and seat them comfortably in the back of a moving truck. And soon enough you will be standing in an empty apartment, hearing your voice echo with each word. But then you think for a moment about your new home, and all the new memories that you’ll be able to make there and your face brightens.

Moving doesn’t have to be all stressful. In fact, it can be a breeze if you take the necessary steps to accommodate an easy move. Things, however, tend to come together on the day of the move, and the stress is sometimes more than what the mover may be prepared to handle. But there are things that can be done to make your last day in your old home less hectic.

Plan your day from the night before. Know the first things you’ll do when you wake up and the last thing you’ll do when you leave. Having to do list may help greatly in keeping you on tract and minimizing that feeling that you’re forgetting to do something.

Have a good night’s rest, this means get to bed early and also wake up early in the morning. This will give you enough time to get any last minute things done, and you won’t have to be scurrying around when the time for the movers to come is nearing in.

Have your emergency bag ready to go. This should contain all the things you will need for the morning, as a toothbrush, towels, etc. and also the things you will need for your first night in your new home.

Know where your bedding is. This will prevent you from having the rummage through boxes when you want to head to bed in your new home. If you’ve had a hectic day, the last thing that you need has to sleep on a bed without sheets because you just can’t figure out where you packed them.

Know when the movers are coming and have everything set up and ready to be taken out.

Number your boxes. Knowing how many boxes you having will help you to be able to keep track. Especially if there are a lot of people helping with your move, you want to make sure that you have some order within the confusion. What will also be helpful is writing down what is in each numbered box, in a notebook. This way, if something gets misplaced, you’ll know exactly what it is.

Charge your cell phone the night before. Having a phone that is running low on battery will be of no help to you. All the important phone calls will be a lot more difficult to make when you have to continuously stand by an outlet to make them.

Dress appropriately. If you’re going to be helping with the move, which you most likely will, then you’ll need to dress in a manner that allows this. Moving day isn’t a day for high heels or your favourite pair of jeans and t-shirt. Wear something comfortable that you won’t mind getting a bit dirty and sweaty when it comes down to it.

Have a family member come over to keep an eye on the children and watch over the pets while you get all the last minute details together. Moving can be stressful on the children, and it can be even more stressful on the parent when they aren’t able to give their children the attention they are craving. Having someone whom they are comfortable with play with them and keep them occupied will keep them happy even through all the chaos going on around them.

Get as much help as you can from friends and family members. You can always do with a few extra hands, and also, having everyone together one last time in your old home can be very comforting.

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Making Moves Easy on Children

As parents, when moving, you have the responsibility of getting all the organization done; putting everything together and having the movers get your belongings through the door and to your new place. Moving certainly can take a toll on you, being an adult doesn’t exempt you from feeling the natural stress that comes with moving. However, you can equip yourself with exceptional techniques and organizational means in order to ease the process for you. But what about the children? Depending on their age, they may or may not be aware of what exactly is taking place. However, even though the younger ones may not have full awareness and comprehension of the situation, this doesn’t mean that they don’t feel that something is different. There certainly will be a lot of change taking place around them. They’ll see the boxes; they’ll witness the rushing around, and soon enough they’ll watch you take their crib apart and pack their toys into boxes. Moving can be stressful for children. Being in the middle of all the action and witnessing the change in their parent’s behaviours may cause them to become moody and sad. Luckily there are things that you can do to make them feel secure and not have to carry some of the burdens associated with the move.

Explain things to the older kids. Try to do this a couple of weeks before the move takes place. Sit them down and explain to them what is happening. They are probably worried and concerned that they won’t be able to see their best friends anymore, or that they won’t like their new neighbourhood. Whatever it is, be open with them and have them understand that the move is not about changing their lives, just their location.

Take the older kids along with you to view the home. Keeping the home a stranger to them will only cause them to be cautious and worried. They don’t know if they will like it, they don’t know if their new room will be as good as the old one. Take a day out to have them see what the place is all about, and have them get comfortable with the idea before moving day.

For the younger ones, always have their favourite toys on hand. You will need to keep them entertained. They need a sense of comfort and something familiar when everything is changing around them. Whenever they get fussy, you can reassure them that everything is okay, and give them that comfort that they will be craving by handing them their treasured pieces. In no time, they’ll be distracted and having fun with that special toy, and once again, everything will be okay. Also, avoid packing all their toys in boxes when they are around. Try to leave their room as the last thing you get packed up.

Have a friend or family member watch your little one and keep him or her entertained on the days that you have a lot ahead of you. Whether it has to drive to your new home to meet with the landlord or do some cleaning before everything is moved in, figure out a way that doesn’t require you to take your child along.

Gifts. It may not be Christmas, and it may not be their birthday, but presents are always accepted. By giving them a gift, you would have instilled a level of excitement within them and also hinted at the fact that the move is something to celebrate rather than something to dread. Have them open their gift on the first day in their new home.

Hire a moving company. Companies like Northern Suburb Removalist are professional, they have a great reputation and will aid in making your move as stress free as possible. Not having to move all your belongings by yourself means that you won’t have to drive across town multiple times with your child in the back seat wondering what’s going on. Contact us today for a mover you can trust.

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Moving in the Northern Suburbs

You have an upcoming move and are looking for some help in order to manage all of the upcoming work? With the help of the right professionals in your area, your move will be a breeze rather than a drag. Northern Suburb Removalist is the companies that can make it happen for you. Its team of professionals will lift the weight off of your shoulders and right into your new house. In order to make your move even easier, follow the following tips and you will be done before you know it.

Pack with a plan

Packing isn’t as easy as many people believe it is, at least not if you want to do it effectively and save yourself a lot of work afterward. The first thing that you should do while you are getting ready to pack is to separate your belongings into those that you will use almost instantly and those that may sit around for a while. Many people who are about to move use this stage in order to get rid of some of the things that have been lying around for months without having been used. Consider how much space you will be having in your new home and if you actually want to keep the things that are rather useless to you. You could have a yard sale or maybe even put such things in storage. If you decide on having a yard or garage sale it is almost a guarantee that you will make some money. Such sales are also great fun for the whole family, as even the kids can try their best impression of a salesman.

Once you have narrowed down the things that you know you want to keep and will be using soon after your Northern Suburbs relocation, make sure that those all go into the same boxes. When at the end of the moving day you lose interest in unpacking some boxes you will know which ones need to be unpacked and which can rest for some time.

Secure your valuables

There is nothing more annoying than having some of your favourite and most valuable things break during your move. It can completely kill your mojo and lead to unnecessary frustration on a day where there is no room for such. Find some older blankets, bed sheets and comforters that can help you secure your valuables. TVs and other electronics in particular should be securely wrapped and saved from scratches during your move. The same goes for furniture that has a lot of areas that can be scratched. For your glass dishes, vases and picture frames you should likely use newspaper and bubble wrap. By packing it tightly into the boxes without much room for movement you will further decrease your chances of unnecessary losses in the progress. Also make sure that your boxes are in pristine condition and tape them shut carefully to avoid your things dropping to the floor and breaking. Heavy boxes that contain books and glass dishes are especially vulnerable to such malfunctions of your boxes. Mark boxes that are particularly heavy as such in order to signal to your packers to grip these boxes from the bottom. Like this you will also help prevent injuries of your packers. Following all of these tips will help you move more safely. You can also call your local professional removalists and ask for a free quote in order to be even safer. A friendly Northern Suburb Removalist team member will gladly answer all of your questions concerning your move and schedule a date for you with your moving crew.

You can call Northern Suburbs Removalists at 1300 727 115 or complete our “Get a Quote” form located on our page.

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Making the move more fun

Moving is often portrayed as a stiff and exhausting activity that simply can’t be avoided and needs to be handled nonetheless. However, there is also the way of looking at a move as a challenge that can be made much more enjoyable for everyone involved. Even just a few simple tricks can turn your boring and difficult move into a fun activity for you, your family and your movers.

Provide some food

The first easy thing that you can do during the move is provide some food for the hungry movers of yours. As carrying heavy boxes and large pieces of furniture sure isn’t the easiest thing to do, your movers and everybody involved in the move will need to recuperate at some point. By providing nice and tasty snacks, you can help your movers to stay focused and motivated for the next challenges to come. However, you should not only serve up fatty food. Even though fatty food like pizza or chicken wings may be the most liked food for your movers, it will actually hamper the energy and motivation of your workers. A salad is often a better idea as it is lighter and won’t weigh down on the stomach as much. You can find a good compromise by offering sandwiches of different sorts to the people involved in your move. They are easy to eat and taste good even after they get cold.

Keep the kids occupied

Having your kids at the moving site during the move is something that you may want to avoid. If you have kids who are teenagers, the problem is by far not as drastic as if you had little kids who lack focus. However, if your regular babysitter is busy and you can’t find somebody to take care of the kids for the day, there are many little fun activities that you can plan in order to keep them occupied. Don’t get fooled with the enthusiasm that will likely arise after carrying the first box. Soon after the first useful task, small kids in particular, will quickly lose interest and end up standing in the way of all of the movers. Leave out some of their toys instead of neatly packing them into boxes so that your kids can find some things to do while the actual work is going on. Jump ropes and tennis balls alongside their favorite toys are great ways to keep your kid occupied during the move. Of course, offering up a cell phone or another electronic toy may also have the desired effect.

Stay hydrated

Australia’s weather isn’t exactly known for the cool wind that helps keep you cool even if the sun is burning onto your shoulders. This makes it even more important for you and your movers to stay hydrated at all times. It is very easy to get dehydrated without even knowing it when you are busy with your work. At all times, you should have drinks ready for your movers so that in between trips they can drink a glass of water or other sorts of drinks. Even though it may sound tempting to offer a case of beer as the drink of choice for your movers, alcohol definitely isn’t the right beverage for your move. The consumption during warm weather, while performing hard physical work will actually lead to dehydration quicker and cloud the judgment of your movers. Before you know it, you will have accidents happen and your belongings damaged as a result of the consumption of alcohol.

The Northern Suburb Removalist team wishes you an enjoyable and relaxing move.

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Don’t Keep Your Removalist In The Dark

A popular saying goes “Information is Power”. Obviously, this relates to politics, the internet and any other field of expertise that is fueled by information. Yet, the same can be said about moving. If you are planning on moving houses in the near future and you have a removalist crew coming in to help you with not only the heavy lifting, but also with everything else that may have to be done then you need to make sure that your moving crew is aware of the work that awaits them and give as much detailed information about the move as possible.
The more information your removalist has about the items that need to be moved, the building you currently live in and the building you are moving to, the better they can plan and the safer and more relaxed your move will be.
Here are some of the fields of information regarding your move that you need to tell your removalist about:
The Workload
Some people may believe that informing the removalist about the type of house or apartment they currently live in is enough to make the move a smooth ride. However, not all single family homes are the same and not all apartments have 2 bedrooms. There have been cases when moving crews arrived in apartments, expecting a tiny place but encountering a workload that was twice or even three or four times as much as expected. Not only is that stressful, but it is also a serious blow to the plan.
Without knowing how many boxes, beds and sofas need to be moved, there is no way that it can be estimated correctly how big of a moving truck needs to be supplied and how many movers need to help with the proceedings. A removalist crew may plan to get a move done in only a half a day, but be forced to come back the next day to finish the much larger job. That is not only annoying, but it can also lead to serious complications and increased cost.
If you want to avoid the headache of having a moving crew that is visibly confused about the encountered workload, make sure to give as many specifics when it comes to the workload, as possible. In most cases, the amount of bed- and other rooms in the house or apartment will be sufficient information, but it may be safer to give an estimate of the square footage of the apartment as reference.

Specialty items
It is not uncommon that an item or two in a household require special attention and care in order to avoid breakage and other types of damages and hold ups. An especially large couch, for example, may lead to the need for a larger moving vehicle, an extra set of hands or two, or possibly tools in order to take apart the large and heavy piece of furniture. The more you specify extremely large or heavy objects, the better you allow your moving crew to plan for the move. A larger sack barrow may be needed in order to move the piece. Without having the right tools, manpower or moving vehicle, you and your moving team may encounter serious delays that can be costly and frustrating at the same time.
Some moves also include specially valuable items, such as high end electronics or antiques that aren’t encountered during the everyday move. These items may require special attention, transportation or other care that movers may not be aware of. Without this knowledge, you may see some of your most beloved items damaged and your move ruined. Tell your moving crew about such items and avoid more delays or costly damages.

Your old and your new location
Besides the amount of work and specialty items, it is also important for your moving crew to know what kind of building and terrain they will be facing. Especially older apartment buildings tend to have narrow staircases and hallways that can make the work much tougher or even impossible in some cases. If there is a reason to be especially cautious in order to avoid damages to furniture and the building itself, it is much better to be aware. An extra set of hands or more cushioning material for your valuable furniture and other items can make the difference between lengthy hold ups and smooth proceedings that see your move completed when it is supposed to be. The same certainly goes for your new location. You don’t want to dent the walls and doorframes on your first day in the new home. A move is already enough work as it is and having to repair your new home should be rather far down on your list of things to do first in your new home.

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Moving? Don’t Forget Your Local Charity

No move is complete without getting rid of something. When moving, most homeowners go through their items, sorting what to bring and what to leave behind. And, as the old saying goes, one man’s garbage is another man’s treasure. So, rummage through that junk pile and be sure that nothing is being thrown out that can go to charity. It is unlikely that you want to be bringing everything with you, and your local charity can benefit from what you leave behind, including food from the fridge and cupboards.

Why Donate to a Charity

Your local charities will benefit from old items that you don’t want to move into your new home, clothing, food, tools, toys, etc. If it can still be used, then it is suitable for a charity. And, remember, the fewer boxes that you are packing and loading to transport to your new home, the more you’ll save on your relocation.

When you go through your belongings and household items, decide that what you don’t want you will donate to charity- if you are not selling the items, donating the items will be benefiting those who need help- even if it is a loaf or bread that you don’t need to move and a few canned goods. The Food Banks will be grateful.

Clothing is welcomed by local charities and used to help less fortunate families. Your old computer may be too slow for you, but for a child who has yet to get their first computer or the family that lost their computer in a fire, your old computer will be a welcomed gift.

One nice thing about donating your unwanted goods is that helping others does give you a sense of pride and feeling of accomplishment. When you bring the items into your local charity, you get a better understanding of the importance of their work, and the value and appreciation of the items you are donating.

Determining What to Donate

Donating anything that is usable is acceptable. Your unwanted items may be used sports goods that are somewhat worn like that old Frisbee; but how it can still fly through the air as though it was brand new. Maybe your unwanted items are expensive artwork that can be given to a family that needs furnishings after losing their belongings in a fire; or perhaps it can be sold by the local charity for money to help purchase necessary goods for the less fortunate.

When packing your kitchen, think of the food. You might not want to pack, move and unpack the soup that you never got around to eating, bread that is about to go stale or items from your fridge- all of which could fill a hungry stomach.

Outdated electronic devices are other treasures to someone less fortunate. Sturdy furniture that may have print on it from years gone by could make another man’s treasure; outdated clothes and shoes will help to keep someone comfortable and warm. Practical and functional items, even if outdated are great items to donate, so don’t let them end up in the trash.

Bedding is another donatable item- warm blankets, clean linens, towels, etc. will all benefit someone less fortunate; just as kitchen items like utensils you have more than one of and items that are outdated or you no longer use. Toys and baby items will help keep the little ones cared for.

Tools and accessories are also items that will be appreciated by your charities and those that they go to. Your old purse with the ink stain inside, the hammer that you have two or three of, etc. will all benefit someone less fortunate.

Check for the local charities in your area- you may find surpluses, stores like Goodwill, charitable organisations and food banks. The role of the charities is to provide community programs and disaster relief as well as to help those less fortunate providing help to the homeless and rehabilitation programs. .

Donating your items that you won’t be moving to your new home is a help to the charity you donate. Many charities are struggling, and it is with their services that those less fortunate have help. Whether the charity is a small local charity, a food bank, or a large organisation, do not pass up your opportunity to help. If the charity is a registered charity, you will receive a receipt to obtain a tax deduction for your donation.

For more moving tips or to speak to a moving specialist to discuss your move and obtain budget moving rates on quality relocations, contact Northern Suburb Removalist. We offer quality moves at budget rates and custom design packages to ensure all your moving needs are met.

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